What else is new?

If you don’t follow my YouTube channel, you may be wondering what I’ve been up to in April. Hopefully you’ve already seen my posts for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit build and first two layouts. If not be sure to head back to read up on those.

I’ve had a few other things going on so far this month.

First up as this photo indicates, I did get a Mystery Box Monday project done and I liked how it came out. Be sure to read on for more on that.

I also made some sweet little bouquet embellishments. I did not do my usual project forgery for the CKC group this time around as my ideas were very simple and not worth a whole post/video. These sweet little bouquets came about from a spin off of the other project I worked on this month…

…I did a very big product review that I will detail in another post (coming soon!). I put that product to use in a pretty project, so be sure to check that out!

Mystery Box

Each month I reach into my mystery box of crafty supplies and pull out three items. Much like that cooking show with the mystery basket ingredients, I have to put those items to use on one crafty project. Will these ingredients work together? Or will it be a recipe for disaster? Let’s find out…

Here is a peek at the mystery items I pulled out of the box this time around. The “first” item was actually a bundle of three things as part of the thank you note from the shop. I hade some sequins, some floral embellishments and a stamp of a cat in a window. The next two items are as pictured below.

That stamps definitely set the tone for this entire project! You can view all about it in the video.

But here are the final project pictures if you want a quicker view.

Bouquet Embellishments

So this idea got stuck in my head when I was playing with my new die cutting machine. It just took me a little while to find the time to get to it. But once I was in the process it didn’t take a huge amount of time at that point since the new die cutter has a much larger cutting area than my old one!

That wraps up another blog post. Until next time, have an artful day!


^^ Disclaimer: I offer affiliate shopping linked products when possible. This shopping won’t cost you anything extra, but I get a small kick back from the companies for sending business their way. It is an easy way to tell me “Thank You” for the content I provide.

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