Crop & Create Delivered Show & Tell

Oh what a weekend I had a couple of weekends ago. I am a fan of taking classes and the crafty events from Crop & Create Delivered by SCT Magazine are so jam packed that it is hard to get everything done. That stresses some people out, but for me I’d rather get so much for my money that I have things to continue working on! In fact these aren’t all the cards I made. I still have a few classes I’m working on.

The best part? My kids (if you can call a 20yo and a 15yo kids anymore) joined me on Friday for making cards. They chose a specific class… that 6th photo with the flowers & bees. Oh my did we have such a good time. If you get past all these fun cards, there are more below of what the kids made. There is even a very fun and silly take on the bees. So don’t miss that!

Okay I told you there would be more cards. These are the ones that my kids made.



You made it this far and I promised you a fun & silly card. While this isn’t the most stunning photo, pay attention to the theme of this card!

She made this one as part of a batch of bees cards she made.

She even asked why we don’t craft more together. Heart officially melted!

If you want to get in on these classes, the next event will be in the fall and registration opens up in May. So check out the details… Crop & Create Delivered by SCT

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