Forgery on the Fourth, March ’22

As a design team member over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge group I play along with as many of our monthly inspiration challenges as I can. The FOF—or Forgery on the Fourth—project is definitely one I enjoy! So let’s go ahead and dive in to what I have for you this month.

We are working with this kit from Citrus Twist, called Life Crafted “Weekender” as our inspiration. The second photo shows a close up of the daisy embellishments sprinkled in the kit. I decided I needed to create forgeries of those!

I started with a PinkFresh stencil that is actually designed for slimline cards. It is a multilayer stencil that adds lots of details.

I didn’t need the full stencil, just individual flowers. Looking at the packaging I noticed 4 flowers total that had that classic daisy shape. So I located those on my stencil and marked them with some flags of Post-It Notes.

Using a small blending brush from Gina K and 4 inks, two in yellow and two in browns (various manufactures!) I proceeded to blend JUST the main flower heads. That meant I did not need to use two of the stencils from the set since those were for the leaves/stems. Two of the stencils were for flower petal details and two were for flower center details. Once done I had this sheet of flowers.

The mess on the right side of the paper is me testing inks and cleaning my brush to switch colors. The pencil tick marks are there to help me line up the 4 different stencils in the correct place each time. I did one pass with the stencil, then shifted it over on my paper and did one more pass. Then I rotated the stencil 90 degrees and did two more passes that direction for a total of 16 flowers. Since the flowers are small it didn’t take long at all. A little bit of fussy cutting and I have myself a pile of pretty petals to play with!

Hope this helps you look at your stencils in a new light. They don’t have to be used “as is” and can be shifted to your needs!

Of course the CKC blog has more forgery examples to check out. I hope this gave you some ideas on how you can create forgeries of your favorite products with supplies you already have on hand. Don’t forget to show off your stuff over on the CKC Facebook group, or tag us on Instagram @counterfeitkitchallenge or use #counterfeitkitchallenge.

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