Cut files for organizing!

I am part of the creative team over at ScrapHappy. A large part of that team is bringing you blog posts based on our monthly themes. This month is all about organization. And I was writing that blog post I realized that I have created various cut files and diy storage items for organizing. And I want to be sure to share then with you!

First check out the video to see how I organize and which pieces I put to use. (link coming soon!)

This is the ribbon card I use to store my, well, ribbons! Download now.

These are the drawer labels I created for my ink & marker storage. They fit Sterilite brand medium-sized 3-drawer stacks (Outside Dimensions: 13.5 x 11 x 9.63). You can find them on Amazon. Download cut file now.

If you need any help getting svg files into either Cricut or Silhouette (you need the paid-for designer edition), then you can check out the videos linked by each word/system.

Next up is a diy set of paper drawers that is great for storing small items like ink cubes, enamel dots, die cut pieces, etc.

This is the two part tutorial that I created for this little storage drawer system. (It is not a cut file yet. I’ll be converting this to cut files soon. Leave me a comment if you are interested in this!)

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