Freebie Friday Sep ’21

I’ve been doing free svg and sketch files for download all year long. This month I am combing the freebies into a single video. You can still download the files individually for just the files that are interesting to you! The sketch shows on the left and the cut file on the right, with a project combing the two in the center. Larger photos follow if you’d like to see more

The sketch features a single 4×6 photo but if you watch the video you’ll see how I sneak in more photos.

This file is made up of various cuts. The gray leaves there are just extras if you want to build a fuller wreath. And the colored layers in the wreath are the backings for the cut file so you don’t have to trace and cut your own backs.

Of course if you have any questions, do get in touch with me at the Contact Me tab above.

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