Tags, tags and more tags

Coincidence is a funny thing. I was searching through my stash looking for doilies for my last layout when I happened upon a package of tags that I forgot I had. Then up comes the challenge to use at least 6 tags by SCT magazine. Bingo!

2016-05-07 21.56.45

I started by laying out a photo grid and building a landing place for the title with my first set of tags. Then I tucked a tag with journaling next to each photo. Next it was time to decorate. I pulled colors from my title to just build color blocking embellished clusters using DCWV pattern papers and random tidbits of stash. I used red by the focal photo as it is a stronger color that draws more attention and balances the heavy title. I kept balance in mind again by using the dark pink in the bottom corner to draw the eye across the page from one “heavy” color to another almost as heavy color. I dropped the balance ball a bit (so much alliteration) with the trapped space under the photo grid. Looking at it now I think I would pull in more of the pattern paper from under the title to bring down and fill in that trapped space.

This was very fun and something new that I haven’t really done before. That is what challenges are all about, right?

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