The third way

A couple of days ago I posted about using a single stamp to get more than one style out of it. I got 2 when I posted and today I am here with the third. Today’s style is artsy with a watercolor resist technique.

Task: Use one stamp set to get different looks.
My take: Before I used this set to get a funky retro color vibe, an elegant/formal card and today is watercolor/artsy.
Results: I used embossing ink and clear powder on the smooth side of watercolor paper to stamp my images and then used ink pads and water to blend color around the embossed images to create the water color resist. I’m very happy with how it came out. Initially I had stamped the sentiment and then spritzed some water over the sentiment to get it to soften it, but it bled out in jagged, fractal like patterns that was unpleasant. So I just made another sentiment flag to cover up the ugly. Done!

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