Fun foam stamping part 2

A few days ago I showed how I was doing a challenge to die cut some materials to use as stamps. Fun foam was the example and I didn’t have any at the time. But a trip to the craft store, for something entirely different, lead me past the fun foam isle! Plus, my first try at this technique ended up way to busy and I wanted a cleaner look. So here is what I did.

Task: Die cut fun foam to use a stamp. Then use the foam shape as an accent piece.
My take: I used fun foam as well the other materials I had tried and liked (cork & rubber shelf liner). I gave each heart a shadow using one of the other materials as a stamp.
Results: I like it. The fun foam stamped very nicely and worked well as a bonus embellishment. The only issue I had with this card was the stitching. The rubber shelf liner caused the presser foot on my machine to drag. I may have use a piece of was paper over it to get it to flow smoothly through the machine and then torn away the paper later.

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