Quick Pics

Just a couple of quick pictures of what I’m working on.

Task 1: Die cut fun foam and use it as a stamp.
My take: I didn’t have fun foam so I looked around for anything textural I could use that was thin enough to be cut with thin dies (although steel ruled dies and thicker materials were an option). I found thin cork (top heart), rubber shelf liner (middle heart) and sticky-back felt (lower heart) to cut. I used them as stamps then adhered them to the project too.
Result: Well the card layout is just too busy, but that is another problem altogether! Stamping with each material was doable but needed a little finessing. The felt and cork both absorbed a lot of color from the ink and became very dark, so using them as accent pieces made the color too heavy. I would have used them to stamp light colors of ink instead. My favorite was actually the rubber shelf liner it have fun texture and held the ink fairly well. I will try another design layout with these same materials for a cleaner and simpler design. Fingers crossed.

Task 1: Use ink pads direct to paper to create custom paper colors to match stamping.
My take: I used ink to create a paper strip that would highlight the negative space of the leftovers from the first card. I then stamped the message with the same ink for a balanced design.
Result: I really like the texture and color of this card. The subtle xoxo stamping was done with Versamark achieving tone on tone movement and balance. Very happy with the results here.

2 thoughts on “Quick Pics

  1. Love that you tried different materials with different textures to make your own stamps…would not have thought of that so thanks for the inspiration! I think you posted this to the wrong gallery, though, as DIY stamps was a different day. Also love the way you used the negative images to make a second card and how the words “love you” stand out from the hugs and kisses sentiment in a bold color.


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