Heat Embossing & Inlay die cutting

I’m taking the Clean & Simple Cards 4 class from onlinecardclasses.com. The class runs for this week as an interactive class and then will switch to a self paced class after that. So, if you are interested, head over and sign up. (Plus I hear they give away lots of prizes in their classes!)

Day 1 was all about heat embossing. I found that I didn’t have many of the supplies to complete the example projects (lots of colors of embossing powder, masking paper, etc). But I am finding I am comping up with ideas on how to adapt to the materials I do have. I took two colors (of the maybe 5 I own) of embossing powder and decided instead of doing the shape masking (no masking paper!) technique, I would do an inlay die cut technique instead.

1) Ink card front with background stamp using embossing ink.
2) Lay down thin die (steel ruled dies have foam that will ruin your ink) onto paper and cover with wax paper (to prevent the ink from smearing & spreading on your cutting pads)
3) Run it through the die cutting machine. Remove the cut part(s) and sprinkle each element with it’s own embossing powder. Heat to set.
4) Reassemble the die cut and adhere to card base. I inked the edges of the  card front and the die cut with just a small amount of green ink to highlight it a bit more.

Thoughts: I did have some stray embossing powder. That may have been from not using anti-static powder first or it may have been from some of the ink smearing in the die cutting process. I’d be a little more careful about this next time. I am not fond of the 2 colors of embossing powder but my other choices were white, clear and copper. None of them seemed good fits. I may experiment with mixing embossing powder and Pearl Ex to create my own embossing colors. I’ve not done that before so now may be a good time to try!

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