Road Blocks & Solutions

One of the things that keeps me from blogging more regularly is getting the quality and quantity of photos I want to post. Taking them, transferring to the computer, editing and uploading all seem to bog down my process. So I have options in dealing with that.

  1. Don’t blog.
  2. Blog less often.
  3. Use less photos.
  4. Use convenient but lower quality photos.
  5. Make photo taking a priority in my crafting experience.

I’ve done plenty of #1 & #2. But I’m wanting to change that (we will see how it goes!). Number 3 doesn’t work for me since this hobby is a largely visual one for me and many others. Maybe one day #5 will be an option. But for now I am going with #4. I will be using my phone to take more photos which automatically upload to my dropbox account and can easily be loaded onto the blog. So you will see more low light and poorly composed photos.

I’m working to kill my September Scraptastic kit that I have been meaning to get to. I’ve decided that I will end each kit with a batch of card making. Here is a photo of what I have to work with. I will follow up with a post of the projects that I made.

I had bits of paper left, plenty of tags, plenty of alpha stickers and just a couple of other little goodies. I added in plenty of plain cardstock for bases and a few items from my stash. Stay tuned for the final results.

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