NSD 2013 post #2

They say if you are going to go, go big. And I did for this one. These challenge were from both Big Picture Classes and Shimelle.com (#1, #3, #9, #11, & #17). The main challenge I focused on was try something new. So many new things for me here. The arty style, using fabric to hand cut shapes, homemade spray ink, using my Cricut + Gypsy to design & cut a popular Polaroid style frame, using lots of pink & sparkles, adding color to a black and white photo. All new. And I love it!

2 thoughts on “NSD 2013 post #2

  1. Misty, this is fabulous. I love it too! What a wonderful way to preserve a memory treasure. I see a lot of potential for all of those techniques to go into other projects, too. Thank you for sharing.


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