Two cards

I’ve been busy getting myself ready for the Creating Keepsakes Convention in my region. I will have plenty of goodies to share with you on Sunday or Monday. For now, I’ll give you the last two cards I made.

This first card I made for my SIL’s birthday. I didn’t have the stamp I wanted to I actually cut the “r” off of a “for” stamp and added on to the end of the “you” stamp to create “your”. I cringed as I sliced the scissors through my cling-mount rubber. But everything worked out just fine. When I cling my stamps onto my block I can just add the “r” back on to it’s original word and it will look just fine! If a stamp isn’t quite what you need, don’t be afraid to alter it!

This next card was made for my friend’s son’s birthday. He is an animal lover so I wanted to go with a wild animal feel without being too cutesy since he is 11. I used my alcohol inks on glossy paper to get the marbled background.

Enjoy! And I’ll be back in a few days with tidbits from CKC!

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