I never intended to upcycle my daughter’s birthday party decorations, but that is just what I did! I had been wondering what I would do with all the decorations. I love making decorations but I hate just plopping then in the recycle bin when the party is over. It feels like a waste to me. When my husband saved the jellyfish from the party cups and stuck then to a kitchen cabinet temporarily I stared and stared at them. I was thinking about what to do with them. That urge to just recycle them was strong. But then a lightbulb came on. I can use them on the thank you cards! It seem so obvious now. Well I’m glad I had the idea before I actually tossed them. Time saved, money saved and a new idea in my tool box for next time.

I had to make one change to the jellyfish. Each one had a party attendants name on it. I just drew black squiggles over the name to hide it. Worked out okay I think. Here is how they turned out…

carstock: Stampin’ Up, Wausau
border punch: EK Success
stamp, ink: Stampin’ Up
marker: Marvy

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