So I haven’t been working much on projects. All the things I have made lately have been for magazine submissions. I’m new to this and still trying to figure it all out. I know at this point that I can’t share ’em with you! So, sorry I have no eye candy this time.

I’ve submitted one scrapbook layout to Creating Keepsakes magazine. I’ve also submitted 3 card/paper craft projects to Paper Crafts magazine. They are currently having submission calls for their February issue. So in the midst of summer I am working on Valentine’s Day. It is a small, small taste of the magazine world.

Now I don’t know very well how these submissions work. I doubt they take the time to send rejection letters to those they don’t want. And as far as I know they may save projects to use at some point in the future. So I will either get an acceptance correspondence or none at all. Tomorrow is the deadline for the Paper Crafts magazine submissions so I have my fingers crossed for some news. Wish me luck!

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