You ARE an artist

So many people only look at art by the classic definition. Only painting and sculpting count. Those are the fine arts after all. Scrapbooking and card making is only a craft or a hobby. I say bah humbug!

When I was little I was in love with the Hallmark store. Rows of paper, markers, stickers and so much more artsy goodness. Somewhere along the way though, I came to believe that being an artist meant that I had to be able to draw. So I tried and tried to draw my way to being an artist. Only thing was it didn’t work. When I signed up for a paper making class in college my mind began to open. Being an artist is more than just the classical painting, drawing and sculpture. It is having an idea and bringing that idea to life. It is that moment of inspiration that fulfills itself. It is putting materials together in ways that makes me happy! Since that eye opening college class I have played and experimented and come full circle back to the stores filled with rows of paper, markers, stickers and so much more arsty goodness.

So take back the word. Go ahead. Call yourself an artist. I do.

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