LOAD 1022, Week 2

Week 2 of LOAD has come and gone already so this post is a bit behind real time! For a look at week 1, head over here. I’m still on track for “finishing” this LOAD month. Whew! If you need more info on LOAD, or the LayOut A Day project, follow the link to get the details. Briefly it is a project just like the name implies… we create a layout each day for a month (or in the case of the link I provided, we have a one-week option each summer). October LOAD is for ScrapHappy members only, so you won’t find this month’s challenge as a buy-in option. (If you choose to get a membership, please use my link as I get a very small kick back as a thank you for sending people over the ScrapHappy!)

With business out of the way, let’s look at some projects! Because of the busy times, I did need to rely on my phone camera and editing software to upload some of pictures. They are hastily taken and not the best quality!! But that is a reality of LOAD. Sometimes I can take smooth photos of my project and edit them nicely, and sometimes not so much! Hope you appreciate me keeping it real!

I’ve taken some of this LOAD time to seriously organize my COVID album plans and set to work getting progress made on it. I had done a few odd layouts here and there. I also had the “bones” in place from a pocket page class I took that I knew would go towards this album. So that was a solid start, but it needed just a bit of emphasis on the timeline of the pandemic. So I started gathering those tidbits both from news sources, which I has saved in real time, and my own journal. Here in the US, the CDC has a timeline of COVID events, that I relied heavily on for the Before page you see above. I feel like this helps pull the pieces together to tell not only our family story of the pandemic, but a broader idea of the pandemic. You’ll be seeing more of those layouts next batch!

That it is for this time. I’ll be back with more creations soon. Until then, have an artful day.

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