February Round Up

February was a LOAD month. Don’t know what that means? It stands for LayOut A Day and it is a challenge offered over at ScrapHappy.org. While it is included in the membership there, you can also join the LOAD just for the month. Next LOAD is in May if you get inspired to hop in.

Creating a layout a day for a month can be very busy, but it is also exciting and the community surrounding this project is the best! Let’s take a look at the things I made for LOAD.

Week 1:

From the layouts I can illustrate several ways I make it through a month of scrapping every day. I can use simpler designs, turn to the Project Life App on my phone, and even use base pages I created at scrap events/class. Those ones just need my photos, my story and my finishing touches to call them complete.

On to week 2:

Sometimes I do have the time to make layouts that make my heart so happy. Then getting to share that with other’s who love scrapping, makes it that much more special.

Week 3:

Sometimes I’ll try new things, like full digi. I’m still slow at it as I have big ideas and getting those ideas to work always takes longer than I expect. But it is easy to do digi on the laptop while sitting on the couch “watching” a show with my hubby. That way I’m not always squirreled away in the basement.

Week 4:

Besides LOAD I did have a few other projects going on. Most of them were for my YouTube channel, but if you missed them over there, I’ll show them here. I’ll admit that the first one here is not my favorite at all, but that happens sometimes.

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