ScrapHappy with Water

I’m on the design team for the ScrapHappy Membership group. Each month our team has a theme to work with and then we offer up inspiration on the SH blog around that theme. I just want to highlight some of the things we’ve been talking about over there this month.

Danielle Leonetti talked about loving the beach despite not generally being an outdoorsy person. Along the way she offers a few tips to capture your stories this month.

What is watercoloring without water? Alison Day offers easy tips on this medium for those who think it may be too hard. Check out her post and then give her tips a try!

April Swingler shares another water inspired technique using a stencil that instantly made it onto my wish list! You’ve got to check out how she got that watery look.

Kathy McElfresh reminisces on a lifetime of watery fun. She also shows some of the filters she loves to use on her photos. See how this layout’s photo was altered for a artful look?

Finally, my post went live all about thinking about our past, present and future lives based on the theme of water. And of course there are story and technique ideas to read about. Here is just a teaser to get you curious!

I hope you go check out each blog post to find fun tips, tricks & inspiration all based on water!

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