Busy May

I participate in the month-long LayOut A Day challenge in February, May and October. Since May just came and went, I wanted to show you what I’ve been up to. I did indeed create a layout every day. Some days it had to be Project Life on my phone since I was running short of time (or almost forgot!) but most days were traditional layouts. I even filmed and posted a layout every weekday over on my YouTube Channel. And even when some of those layouts were not stellar, I posted them anyway. I just wanted to give you a brief look at just some of my projects projects before we head into Junes business.

You’ll notice that there are not 31 layouts shown. I don’t have photos of everything, particularly weekend layouts. But this represent a good portion of them. I’ve broken things down into categories. And the final category features my favorites of all of these, so if you want to see what I consider the best of the best, then head to the bottom 🙂





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