Peter Pan

My middle kid is the budding theater kid. It helps that she has a super wonderful theater arts teacher and program to be a part of. Each fall their group puts on an ensemble musical performance. Last fall it was Peter Pan. I wanted to capture the story without being super Disney-theme overboard. What I ended up doing was using my Silhouette to purchase a few pirate, mermaid and fairy themed cuts to go along with the characters in the play. I used the die cuts as misting masks to get a subtle theme that supports the photos. I also used the very large ship die cut (so glad I can size die cuts in an electronic cutter!) mask to add another background layer to my focal photo.

The font for my title worked great to support them theme as well. (Unfortunately between starting the cut project and actually making the cuts I had some software glitches and I don’t know what the font is!) To add extra interest to the title I added an ombre ink effect.

Try these techniques for subtle theme enhancement on your next layout.

Peter Pan play layout


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