So my scrapbooking process has been taking large fluctuations this past year and half or so. I will be “on” for a few months in a row and just cranking out projects and then I will go into “down” mode where I’m not making layouts at all. When I am down I find I am still compiling ideas, organizing photos, and getting my creative output in cards instead. I find that when I come back to creating layouts I can hit the ground running since I have organization and ideas already waiting for me. Here are the two of the four layouts I got done this week. (Photographing my projects is still a step in my  blogging that trips me up. I’ve talked about it before.)

I’m working from my backlog of kit club materials. I made myself cancel my club subscription since my file of kits was full. This is one thing I’m trying hard at… not bringing in new things when I still have old things here. I’m hoping to get through my supply backlog and go back to my kit subscription. I miss getting fresh new goodies in the mail every month. With the kit I can try a little of everything and know what things I really love to use and what things I’m finding I don’t really like. For instance I’m not really a fan of the ephemera packs that are full of text. I think it distracts from the title and journaling too much.

I’m hoping to be back often with more projects!

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