Layout Roundup- Oct STC kit

And the roundup of layouts I made with the October Never Tear Us Apart STC kit. I had the kit plus the pattern paper add-on. Another 8 layouts for this one. I had 2 full sheets of pattern paper still left over so the extra paper did help some, but not as much as you might think. I did struggle a bit with the alpha included. I didn’t have enough letters to make most of the titles I wanted so I turned to adding hand lettering, abbreviations and even my Cricut for title boosts. I’m not really a fan of hand titling, though hand journaling feels just fine. I want my titles to more clean and formal than what I can do by hand most of the time.

These first two here you haven’t seen before and they were the first two layouts I made with this kit way back when the kit was fresh in my hands. Fresh kits are so inspiring, yet hard to cut into those whole sheets of paper for fear they may be better used in some future way. I’m trying to get over that! Having a second set of pattern paper sure helped with that feeling.

The next 3 you’ve seen the layouts before even if in slightly different photographs. Using the same personally made sketch to repeat the same subject layouts for different people is one of my time-saving go-to tricks. More details on these here.

And finally 2 of the most recent from this kit. Using up some of the last of the kit. Remember in my card post yesterday that I mentioned how much I like the chevron paper? Well here it is again! (Inspired by this sketch.)

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