August Layouts

And now for August layouts! For these I used collage prints in a couple of ways. I am a fan of 8.5 x 11 photo collages but that doesn’t mean all my layouts need to be the same. You’ll notice that I used the collage prints in a number of different ways.

This first one I did not fill up the entire 8.5×11 space with photos. I varied the sizes of each photo to allow uneven borders around the edges. I then cut them apart, lined them right up against each other and outlined each photo with a pen to add definition to the collage.

For this next one I just left the collage print alone with its simple white border and I used the entire space to fill with photos for an even border all the way around.

And finally, I used the uneven outside border style from the first photo but an even border between photos. Instead of leaving the white photo border I cut the prints apart and layered them on a piece of patter paper for a more interesting photo mat.

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