May 2011

I’m still chugging along with getting my kids scrap albums caught up. I am having a really good time too. After not crafting for so long I forgot how good it makes me feel to play with paper and ink. It is calming and satisfying to create something pretty. I’m not getting complicated with any of these layouts which makes it easy to get them done and that ups the satisfaction quotient! Hope you enjoy these next couple of layouts.

We attend an annual homeschooling conference each May and these photos were taken of my middle child at the conference. It is a weekend full of whirlwind activity and I wanted to highlight some of the favorites.

I was tired towards the end of this next layout for my youngest so I just hand wrote a title. I gave a little more emphasis to the word MAY by using block letters and coloring it in with a very light brown ink. I am really a fan of photo collages with number journaling items and so took that approach with this 12-photos on one page layout!

This layout for my son captures a sweet and funny story. The only two photos I had for the event were blurry cell phone photos. In order to get the most impact out of these poor quality photos, I used repetition to indicate action. Then I emphasized the action with a bright, playful title. The title has even more impact since it is placed on a monochromatic background. You can use these techniques to draw more attention to the story when you have bad photos!

I’ll be back in a few days with more layouts. I’ve got a bunch of items already complete I just have to prepare photos and such for blog posts.

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