Garden Craft 2

This gardening season has been very low on my usual veggie gardening and high on my rare ornamental gardening. But I am finding so much joy in choosing and arranging plants in lovely garden beds. Today I did more of the same. My husband and I put together a greenhouse kit recently and it was just calling out for a pretty floral border in front of it. I had some flag stone leftover from working on my shade garden. I had put in the flagstones way before the shade garden plans and decided they didn’t really work into the new layout so I removed them and left them sitting in the driveway for weeks. Those leftovers were perfect for some hardscaping around the front of the greenhouse! I hope you enjoy my little piece of country-cottage gardening.

Completed Greenhouse before sprucing up.

Whole view with changes.

Left garden bed.

Right garden bed.

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