Garden Crafting

View from lawn entry. Paths meander and fork all in this area. An exit exists on the far back right and goes around the side of the house.

Paper is probably my first crafting love. Gardening is running a close second. I’m not very talented in the garden though. Plants grow too much or not enough and even die on me. Makes my design life more difficult when they do unpredictable things. I have a spot under a walnut tree that used to be scraggly grass. I dumped mulch all over it a few years back with the intent to turn it to a shade garden. Never really happened and it became a weed garden. One of my trees fell on my neighbors house last year and had to be chopped up. I kept the logs with the intention of burning them, but decided to create a real shade garden with log-lined pathways. Then a friend who is moving away let me come and selectively dig some established shade plants from her garden. That helped me because I could instantly fill in my garden nooks without the cost or plant investigation/purchasing. I spent all day yesterday finishing off my garden nooks and transplanting the plants I dug up from my friend’s yard. All my body aches from the work, especially moving those large log-stumps I used to surround the walnut trunk. It is all worth is since I now have a lovely, mostly full shade garden. I left a few spots for moving some things from the backyard and I still have some weeding to do along the house. But other than that, it is looking really nice. Enjoy the photo tour of my new garden area. I wanted to get some nicer photos but we are having a typical gray wet day here in the Pacific Northwest!

Left view of front entry from lawn. Yes the lawn still needs work, but one thing at a time!
Right view of entry from lawn. I still have space to fill and weeds to pull, but it is looking good so far.
Center left nook.
Center right nook.
Rear of shade garden. Path goes off the the right around the side of the house. Path to left circles back to front of garden.
Looking from the rear of the shade garden up toward the front ("left" side).

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