November layouts

Here are my kids’ pages for November in their scrap calendars…

I kept my son’s page super simple. The only thing new I tried on this layout was to do my typed journaling in a circle. I don’t think my copy of Photoshop Elemets 6 allows me to type text on a path. So I just did it manually. If you know of another way to do text in shapes then let me know!

I had fun with this wintry layout. I pulled TONS of snowflake goodies from my stash. There was no way I could use all of that I pulled so I narrowed it down to a few items and went with that. Some of my elements such as the sparkly “ICE” in the title and some vellum snowflakes didn’t photograph well. As I re-do my scrap room I’m going to try and incorporate a photo station so that I can get better pictures of my work. Since I know nothing about lighting it will be a challenge for me!

And last is this layout. Sigh. I don’t like this layout. I wasn’t feeling inspired at all in the beginning. I just slapped down some cardstock and pulled out my markers to add some pizzazz. Didn’t work. Then as I was debating my title I ran into this geometric pattern paper from Scenic Route. It was perfect for making a Lego-like title! Too bad I found it at the very end. Since I don’t believe in going back and reworking pages, I just threw my title onto the already formed page and moved on. I will create something else more eye-pleasing later. Don’t kick yourself for making something less than beautiful. Chalk it up to learning and move on!

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