September & October

I’ve been sitting on these photos for a while. I wanted to finish off my kids scrap calendars before I stared posting my final layouts. But I’m still not done. So I’ll just go ahead and post what I have. Besides it is a long enough post with what I have that I don’t really need to add more!

Oldest child… September. This layout came from a class that I took at a Creating Keepsakes Convention. I have a bunch of finished pages from classes sitting around that I haven’t figured out what to do with. I love taking the classes every year but every year I know I don’t really use the pages. I work by fitting my layout to my photo/story and have a really hard time fitting a photo to a pre-made layout. (Especially when the colors are not my favorite, as is the case here). I added a few extra touches and a jumbo vertical title to this page to accommodate my one photo, instead of the multi-photo layout it was designed for. I do think the color scheme makes the flowers work for a boy layout.

Oldest child… October. I kept the journaling minimal on this one because most of the story is written over his calendar companion page for both September and October. (If you are new to my blog you can see how I do my calendar pages in an older post and then this year’s version.) Because the page is about his Lego robotics team I played with wire to represent a electronic circuit type look.

Middle child… September. You guys have seen this one before when I talked about the technique of cutting a mask using the cricut and a page protector. So here is the rest of the story behind this layout. I had one photo that fit with a story to tell for the month of September. And this isn’t even a good photo. It is small, and it is only the back of my daughters head sitting with her friends (and the backs of their heads!). But it was a story I wanted to tell. So I went with it. With such a small photo I knew I would need a minimalist layout so the photo wouldn’t get lost. I really like how it came out.

Middle Child… October. Okay I admit it. I just wanted to play with my Martha Stewart bird punch. I fell in love with the punch when I saw it used on someone else’s project. I went out and bought it and it has been sitting in my drawer. Hmmm. What to do with it? So I made my title fit a birt theme and went with it. Sometimes I just like to play with product and that is okay too.

Youngest child… September. This story has it’s own story! My daughter’s first preschool didn’t work out. So we tried a second preschool, which we just quit because it didn’t work out for another reason. And so we are on to another care situation. We’ll see if I need to make a scrapbook page about that one too.

Youngest child… October. This is another layout that I did not create. It is one from the convention. This was another month that I didn’t have a great photo for. Hmmm. Think I gotta get my photo act together a little more.

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