Playing with leftovers

I started an elements scrap drawer a while back. In this drawer I put pre-cut/punched items. I can just go to this drawer and grab items when I need a little something for my page. I have found that I really like this system. I am adding more layers to my projects, which is something I like when I see other people’s work. I am also mixing and matching patterns and colors that I would not normally think of putting together. Plus this drawer makes good use of the last scraps of my paper. I will punch flowers, hearts, squares and other shapes from the scraps that are too small to save, yet too big for me to just recycle.

The background paper and the floral stripe running through the middle were new elements. Most the other elements, the marquee die cut, the scallop die cut, the scallop border pieces and the butterflies were all leftovers. Even the jumbo pieced flower was an element that I had gotten in a kit that I just never used. All these things had no use at the time. But here they all are playing nice together.

So, go ahead, start an element scrap drawer (or bag or envelope). You may be surprise by what you can do with these little bits of goodness later!

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